Hair Stylists, Barbers, Nail Techs, Fashion Designers, Make-Up Artist... This is for you!

APRIL 4, 2023

New Techniques

Get relevant continuing education on the newest and best tips for your craft. Become a Master Stylist and create new confidence for you and your clients.

Learn The Business

You work to help each person in your care, but you can also grow a thriving business to profit now, and to have a legacy when you walk away from the chair.

Like Minded Networking

You are not alone. There are stylist that are not in competition with you. We want to unite, share strategies, give wisdom and grow better together.

Coach Tamanika

Tamanika Harris is a local keynote speaker who aspires to retire herself from behind the salon chair and educate one family at a time. She is one of the top hair stylists in 757,she is a licensed financial advisor who prides herself in self development and financial literacy. Her motto is “no stylist left behind!” With a background in corporate sales and leadership, her career expands over several industries including cosmetology,entrepreneurship and finance. Tamanika is working her way up the corporate ladder of finance and she is passionate to help the middle class, the ones everyone else forgets about.

“As stylists we’re ground shakers and day makers. Setting trends, while fostering that inner connection between a person’s inner and outer self.”
-Rebecca Gregory

Grow Your Skill

You are already good at what you do, but we can all get better. Your clients deserve the best version of you, let us help you uncover it.

Grow Your Business

We have the team that can help you build a thriving organization with proven business building strategies.



When you enroll in this course you will have access to many BONUS resources included this eBook Guide as an overview that helps you overcome challenges in the Styling Industry. ENROLL NOW