Dr Jennell Wants To Connect With Water Walking Women

Join this women's leadership mentorship experience designed to equip women with the tools and resources they need to lead effectively in their personal and professional lives. Dr. Jennell and WIT Mentors focus on building strong relationships with God, developing leadership skills, and providing a community of support for women in leadership roles.

The mentorship is facilitated virtually, in person meet ups, and annual retreats for women who have demonstrated strong leadership skills in their own lives. Mentors could be paired with mentees based on their interests, goals, and areas of expertise. The mentorship relationship involves regular meetings & calls, as well as opportunities to attend conferences, workshops, and other events together.

Include in your membership are resources such as books, articles, podcasts, and online courses focused on leadership development and spiritual growth.

with Dr. Jennell Riddick

A women's mentorship program for Christian women who are water walkers is designed to provide guidance, support, and encouragement for women who are stepping out in faith to pursue their God-given dreams and goals. Here are some key components that are included:

Mentor Matching: The program begins by matching each mentee with a mentor who has experience in their area of interest or expertise. This is done through an application process where mentees share their goals, passions, and areas where they feel they need guidance.

Regular Check-Ins: Mentors and mentees will meet regularly, either in person or virtually, to discuss progress, challenges, and any other topics that are relevant to the mentee's journey. These meetings will be scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the needs of the mentee and the availability of the mentor.

Bible Study: The program includes Bible study component, where mentors and mentees study and discuss passages related to faith, courage, and perseverance. This helps mentees stay grounded in their faith and connected to the larger purpose behind their goals.

Community Support: In addition to the mentor-mentee relationship, the program also provides opportunities for mentees to connect with other women who are pursuing similar goals. This is done through group meetings, online forums, and social events.

Celebrations: As mentees reach milestones and achieve their goals, the program celebrate these successes together. This includes public recognition, awards, or other forms of encouragement and affirmation.

Overall, THE WATER WALKERS mentorship program for Christian women who are water walkers could provide a powerful source of support and encouragement as women step out in faith to pursue their dreams. By connecting women with mentors who have walked a similar path, the program could help women overcome obstacles, stay focused on their goals, and ultimately achieve their full potential.

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Community Matters

Christian women can benefit from having mentors for many reasons, but here are two specific reasons why mentoring is particularly important for women of faith:

Spiritual Growth: Christian women who have mentors can receive guidance and support in their spiritual growth. Mentors can offer biblical wisdom, prayer, and encouragement to help mentees navigate challenging circumstances, deepen their faith, and develop a closer relationship with God. Through the mentor-mentee relationship, women can learn from one another and grow together in their faith.

Professional and Personal Development: Mentors can also offer support and guidance for women as they pursue their goals and aspirations. Whether it's career advancement, personal growth, or overcoming obstacles, mentors can offer insights, advice, and strategies for success. This can be especially helpful for women who may face unique challenges or barriers in their professional or personal lives, such as discrimination or lack of access to resources. Mentors can help women navigate these challenges and provide encouragement and support along the way.

Overall, mentors can play a significant role in the lives of Christian women by offering support, guidance, and encouragement in both their spiritual and personal journeys. By having a mentor, Christian women can grow in their faith, develop new skills, and achieve their goals with confidence.