Session 1: Finding Your Fearless

One of the first steps to building your brand is finding your voice and your vision! Let's talk the basics of building something that lasts way beyond you. On this session of Beyond The Brand I talk about making an impact through your branding and using your influence on each platform to remind customers of why you exist. Your message is what you are saying it. That is essentially your voice. Your vision is way ahead of you, it is the end goal, it is the future you. #FearlessFriday

Before you go any further, you will also need a name for your company/website. If you already have a name that you're happy with, then you can skip past this chapter. Otherwise, this can be a stumbling block for many people so it's worth taking some time to think about.

When choosing a company name you need to make sure that what you come up with is going to be unique and that it's going to be memorable. At the same time it should also describe something about your business and/or about your goals and your attitude. It's also useful – especially if you are creating a blog as your business – to choose a name that is going to be at least somewhat descriptive of what it is you do.

If you think about some of the biggest brands in the world then you might find that this isn't really the case. 'Apple' is hardly the name you would instantly associate with computers, 'Virgin' is certainly not a name that says much about what that company does and 'Nike' is just a completely random jumble of letters. In these cases, the company name is more about creating a 'feel' that speaks to the attitude of the business. 'Apple' suggests different and 'fresh'. 'Virgin' suggests youthful, playful and not afraid to ruffle feathers. 'Nike' is strong and simple, just like the logo. Look for words that are evocative and descriptive and make sure you pick something that reflects well on your business.

While you can pick a company name that evokes the kind of attitude you want to be Known for, it does often help to choose something descriptive simply because you won't have the marketing clout of those big Companies. If your website is a tool for people to measure their fitness and you call yourself 'FitnessStatTracker' then you won't need to explain what your company is about and it will be easier for people to search for you.


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