Shattered: The Masterclass
Overcome A Broken Marriage

An Interactive Video Course to Compliment A Great Book

Missing Out On Intimacy?

Intimacy is designed to the relationship glue. Learn ways to get yours back and stay stuck together.

Lack of Communication?

Communication is love language and more. Let's start a conversation that will keep a conversation going.

Want To Be Happy Again?

Your wedding vowels were designed to keep you living happily forever after. One sad moment does not have to linger.

Shattered The Masterclass

The Mitchells identify "The Big Three" difficulties that cause marriages to shatter: a breakdown in communication, a breakdown in intimacy, and a breakdown of trust.

“A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.”
—Andre Maurois

Meet Your Facilitators

JOEL AND NAOMI MITCHELL are the founders of The Marriage Investors, LLC, where they help couples get a better return on their investment in “I Do by providing marriage consulting and coaching services. Together, they have extensive experience in ministry, social services, and consulting.

They have been married for sixteen years, and as a result, they have developed a heart and passion for working with married couples and families. Their mission is to restore wholeness by healing brokenness. They are committed to reconciling relationships, deepening love, and strengthening families. They believe that with the right tools and support, marriages can be restored, brokenness can be mended, and individuals can live a life filled with purpose, passion, and promise.

What Couples are Saying:

~ Tyehimba & Kelly Marie

"Joel and Naomi offered us such useful insights into our current relationship and our future marriage during our pre-marital counseling sessions. The male-female perspective on marriage and relationships helped encourage us to deepen our compassion for each other. The 4 of us held hands in prayer for our session, our wedding, and our marriage at the beginning and ending of each session. Powerful!"

~ Will & Vicki

"Vicki and I met at church several years ago and started a friendship that grew into something more … marriage! We were very different yet unique individuals because of vast backgrounds, and we were embarking upon a "blended" household! It was a blessing to receive pre-marital counseling that explored our unique personalities and common love of God and family. Our discussions and meetings with Rev. Joel and Rev. Naomi allowed us to understand this God-centered commitment that would change our lives forever!"

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Online 1:1 Marriage Coaching

Conservative Investment $795

If your marriage is in “pretty good shape,” but you want to invest in a maintenance plan, this option is ideal. The Conservative Investment helps couples identify potential areas of growth and spot challenges before they occur.

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Moderate Investment $995

Marriage is no “easy street.” In fact, the gravel and potholes along the way can lead to a fatal crash — if left unaddressed. The Moderate Investment is for couples who see themselves headed down the wrong path. With the overwhelming hustle and stresses of life (work, family, bills, and obligations), marriages can suffer. But, this investment plan gives couples the strength to rise above their challenges and save their marriage before it’s too late.

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Aggressive Investment $1995

When all seems lost, the Aggressive Investment plan helps couples see the light at the end of the tunnel. No marriage is beyond repair, but it will take work — and a lot of it! This option is designed for couples who are at the point of marital desperation. It digs (deep) down into the root of marital difficulties — rebuilding trust, healing unbearable wounds, opening channels of communication, and restoring the hope that has been lost.

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Online Pre-Marital Counseling
Six Sessions (60 minutes): - $595

The process of preparing for a long-lasting and exciting marriage should be fun and life-changing. In each session, we prepare you for the challenges that married couples face — while helping you explore your deep and most-intimate desires. From money, sex, kids, and spirituality … to communication, expectations, and dreams — everything is on the table, and we make it fun!

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