What's in a GIFT?

Everyone has spiritual gifting and it is your turn to find out what gifts God has given you. Trust us, there is power in those gifts and they will propel you in life and business. Learn today!

“God has given a spiritual gift to the church in you, and you dare not keep it to yourself.” ― Aaron Niequist

Feeling Lost?

We all can feel lost and unable to find our way. The fastest way to feel found is to connect with your spiritual gifting.

Not sure? Here's your sign!

Not sure if this is the route you should take? Here is your sign that it is time. Start today and begin a journey of spiritual growth.

Are you on a quest?

Every journey starts with a single step. Are you on a quest for more? This assessment can assist you in starting your journey and living your gifts.

Lead Executive Coach, Dwight Riddick

Identifying and living your purpose is one of the hardest task in life today. Especially when most people often limit you to being this or that, one thing or another. All the while you know there’s more for you and in you beyond the generic labels that society has provided.
I was there. I was a computer science major, serving as a Senior Pastor, with a passion and mind for business. I just couldn’t figure out how to merge all three together to effectively impact the kingdom without stressing myself out.

I sometimes felt trapped and other times unfulfilled. Then when I tried to add pricing to my service I felt guilty for charging a cost. All of this left me wondering around day to day trying to figure out what I was really called to. I’m not a surfer at all, but I felt life was a surf Rider and I was constantly falling on my face. Or a it was a jump shot that I just could not make.
Then I learned about coaching. More specifically I learned about coaching from a pastor who was able to navigate the rough waters of passion and profit. It allowed me to use my computer skills and simply the process for others, and now I want to share my passion.

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