Rediscover Your Purpose

It is easy to fall of track, and we are here to help you get back on and succeed.

Powerful Encouragement

Everyone needs someone in their corner and achievement is connected to encouragement.

Bounce Back From Failure

You can either loose or learn, and we want you to use each lesson to leap forward.

Why Enroll In This Mastermind?

“The ABC’s to regaining your Influence & Living a Life of Fulfillment can be yours in just 6 Sessions! 

Have you felt dissatisfied with life, unfulfilled after an achievement or discouraged as if you are a failure. Discover the E-FACTOR! There is Power in Encouragement that will give you back your influence and fulfillment in 6 weeks without you sacrificing

The Course Includes:

3 Main Components, 6 Sessions, and BONUSES: 

   1. Structure based on ABC’s with Pyramid Image

   2. Common Thread Throughout- Encouragement

   3. Making it memorable with Name Your Tune CTA

Correction does much, but encouragement does more.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Coach Fagan Stackhouse

Hi, I’m Fagan! I am a certified life coach, I am drawing on 20+ years of experience in business, leadership & ministry. . I love to coach those seeking answers for their growth and personal development. Have you ever heard your inner voice telling you to lead? Have you admired someone only to become disappointed in their leadership?

Have you asked yourself, “How can I develop my own leadership?”

I have asked the same questions and discovered key ways to answer them. The journey of leadership requires influence. I am fortunate to have been developed under great leadership. My passion is to aid emerging influencers in leadership, faith, and encouragement! I desire you to rise to the highest levels in your life.

I have learned to turn despair into destiny by being the encourager. Instead of seeking a ’model’, become a ‘model’ for others. Discover the positive leadership within you, by revealing your inner encourager. Release encouragement to bless yourself and others.

Allow me to join you on the journey of your purpose-driven life. I would be honored to be your coach!

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