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A 6 Session MasterClass
"Evoke the presence of God Through The Power of Fasting And Praying

In Coach Sydney Harris' MasterClass, participants will learn the fundamentals of Christian fasting and praying. This 6-session course will cover topics such as the spiritual benefits of fasting, practical tips for fasting, and strategies for deepening your prayer life. In addition to the course content, participants will receive bonus materials and a free ebook to support their learning and practice

Learn to Study Scripture

Get guidance on how to strengthen your spiritual connection through intentional communication and sacrifice.

Wonder Why we Fast & Pray?

Fasting and praying can provide physical, mental, and spiritual benefits such as improved focus, increased mindfulness, and strengthened spiritual connection.

Proper Reasons For Fasting

Start discovering your unique passions and talents by seeking God through intentional communication and reflection.

Meet Coach Sydney

When I began my spiritual journey toward God, I was lost on how to connect with Him, how to get closer, and what resources were available for me to do so. Despite my confusion, I found myself committing to and enduring a fast. Although it was a struggle, God showed me practically that I was drawing closer as I used the resource of fasting and praying.

Fasting and praying have enriched my intimate time with God, transformed my mind, refreshed my zeal, and given clarity to my purpose. Now, I want to share it with you. This course will change your life if you're open to it. As you go through these modules, allowing the Holy Spirit to meet you where you are, you too will find yourself becoming free from things that you could never break free from in your own strength. So, grab your course materials and let's get ready to plug into a resource that not only connects you with THE source but also has the power to accelerate you beyond what you can think, dream, or imagine! Welcome to the Spiritual Fast Life!

"When the devil is called the prince of this world, it is not because he owns it, but because we do. Fasting helps us to regain possession of it in the name of God."

- Richard Foster

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Living Fasted is a beginner's guide to fasting and praying, designed to help readers explore the spiritual benefits of fasting while also addressing the practical considerations involved in fasting. This eBook provides a comprehensive overview of fasting and prayer, explaining why fasting is important and how it can help you deepen your connection with God.