Pass The Plate

Official Launch Late May 2023
Get Healthier - Be Better

"Passing the Plate" MasterClass promises to transform your health and wellness by providing the knowledge and tools needed to build better habits and achieve your fitness goals. Say goodbye to unhealthy lifestyle choices and hello to a happier, healthier you!

Break Bad Meal Habits

Breaking bad meal habits is essential for achieving optimal health and wellbeing. By adopting healthier eating habits and making smarter food choices, you can fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Enhanced Family Time

Balancing time with family is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships and avoiding burnout. By prioritizing quality time with loved ones and setting boundaries, you can achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Find Time To Exercise

Finding time to exercise is key to maintaining physical health and reducing stress levels. With a little creativity and motivation, you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine and reap the many benefits it has to offer.

Meet Your Coach: Edward Sivells

Over 24 years of Management experience. Selected to serve on the White House foodservice staff for The President of the United States. Over 12 years of Executive Assistance experience for Naval Senior Flag officers. Highly articulate and effective communicator; exhibits profound capacity to discuss state level requirements with senior government officials, executives, and foreign dignitaries.

Now I'm bringing my experience to you in a bite sized course designed to help you live your healthiest life. Let's Pass the Plate and Prosper as holistic leaders.

Specialties: Facilities Management, Foodservice Management, Property Manager, Director of Personnel, Inventory Management.

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5 Minute Guide to Healthy Living

"A 5 Minute Guide To Healthy Living" by Coach Edward Sivells is a concise and practical eBook that provides a simple roadmap to living a healthier lifestyle. Focusing on the fundamentals of clean eating and exercise, this guide offers actionable tips and strategies that can be easily implemented into any busy schedule. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned health enthusiast, this eBook will help you take charge of your health and transform your life in just five minutes a day.