Time To Go After Your Divine Destiny!

Join us for an extraordinary journey with Patina Chapman in her Masterclass, "Picking Up your God-given Mantles." Discover your God-given purpose and ignite your true calling with the guidance of an Ordained Elder, Licensed Life Coach, and inspirational speaker.

Discover Your Life's Purpose

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery in our online course, "Discover Your Life Purpose," where you'll uncover the keys to unlocking your true calling, gaining the clarity and direction needed to lead a purpose-driven and fulfilling life.

Identify Your Waiting Mantles

Explore the profound process of recognizing and harnessing your unique God-given mantles in this enlightening online course. Through deep introspection and guidance, uncover your inherent gifts and talents, and learn how to leverage them for personal and spiritual growth, allowing you to fulfill your divine purpose with clarity and confidence.

Find True Practical Fulfillment

Unlock the secrets to genuine, real-world fulfillment as you embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and personal growth. This online course will guide you through practical strategies and insights to help you align your life with your true passions and purpose, leading to a more meaningful and satisfying existence.

What Is My Mantle?

Literally known to describe a cloak made of cloth. The passing of the mantle from Elijah to Elisha symbolized the passing of prophetic authority to Elisha.

Getting to Know Your Coach Patina Chapman

Meet Patina Chapman, an extraordinary soul on a divine mission to empower individuals to step into their God-given purpose and embrace the mantles destined for them.

Patina is no ordinary coach; she is an Ordained Elder, a Licensed Life Coach, an Entrepreneur, and the visionary leader of the transformative Ministry, "God's Billionaires and Millionaires." This remarkable ministry gathers seekers of purpose and prosperity every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:15 am EST on Clubhouse, where Patina imparts her revelatory wisdom.

With her magnetic presence and gift for inspirational speaking, Patina is dedicated to igniting the flames of purpose within the hearts of her audience. Her passion lies in guiding individuals towards realizing their calling and living a life that reflects their true purpose.

Patina's journey is one paved with academic excellence and deep spiritual commitment. She proudly holds Master's degrees from both Old Dominion University in Public Administration and Regent University in Divinity. These qualifications enrich her coaching with a profound understanding of both the worldly and spiritual realms.

Currently calling Newport News, VA, her home, Patina is an active member of the Fountain of Joy Holiness Church, where she finds spiritual nourishment under the leadership of Pastor Kalvin Drewey and Overseer Janice Chapman.

Join her, and together, let's pick up the God-given mantles that await us on the path to purpose and fulfillment.

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