Masterful Masterclass

This devotional masterfully helps us constantly find refreshing and renewal as she speaks to us at the unique but ideal time of midnight.

A Message of Transformation

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We start the conversation at midnight with a problem but end the conversation with hope. Midnight in imagery is a boring, brown, and gloomy green caterpillar being tightly swaddled in a dingy silk cocoon for a moment and then reemerging chrysalis as a pleasantly decorated purple, turquoise, white, and pink colored beautiful butterfly. This devotional will create that change in your life because it helps us experience God’s power at midnight. Midnight is the time for true transformation.

Meet Author Dr. Angel White

Dr. Angel E. White graduated from Virginia State University where she received a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Marketing. She is also a graduate of Virginia Union University, Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology with a Masters of Divinity degree. She holds an earned Doctoral degree in Management & Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix, School of Advanced Studies.

Dr. White is the Founder of Faithful Rebuilders. This ministry hosts family conferences and retreats. She is also a 3-time self-published author of book titles including: A Woman of WorthIn The Beginning God, and The Seed in My Pocket (A Children’s Book).

Dr. Angel White serves as the Youth Pastor at Good Shepherd Baptist Church located in Petersburg, Virginia, where Pastor Jeffrey L. Reaves, Sr. serves as the Senior Pastor. 


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Pastor Kim White

"The 21-day fast has help me come to the realization that I needed these devotionals. I’ve been reminded that I shouldn’t call myself anything less than what my Father calls me. You will find rich treasure as you search your own heart and it will be well worth it."

Tanya Jefferson

Dr. Angel White’s 21-Day Fasting Guide has stretched me beyond my normal capacity. Since I have been engaging in her declarations and inspirational teachings, my relationship with God has acquired depth and elevation concerning His purposes for my life. I’m grateful for the challenge to learn about our savior, Jesus Christ through Hebraic roots that started as a fast but transcends to a lifestyle. Thank you, Dr. Angel White for the stretch.

Dr. Charity Fisher

" These particular devotionals assisted me with daily scriptures and positive thoughts for meditation. Whenever I felt tempted to deviate from my fast, I would recall those words of empowerment to sustain me. I recommend a devotional for fasting to anyone who desires to fast and grow spiritually, in their sacrificial journey."